I received my BA at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee, and my MA at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, Arkansas with a focus in drawing and painting. In 1988, I began teaching art. I have since lived in Taipei, Seattle, and New Delhi, and now in central Washington, continuing to teach and learn about art in each place.

My early work focused on the figure and landscapes. Over time, my work has eventually become more process oriented and abstract. However, I have always valued the pull of the concrete, lived-in world that representational work exerts on the artist. My recent work is generative in nature, incorporating elements of chance, place, occurrences, or process as co-determinates of visual form. These drawings and paintings integrate my interest in formal design elements, the creative process, and the engagement with a particular moment, place, or experience, thus providing a framework for exploring the tension between the constraints of representation and the freedom of abstraction.

More detail about my process related to recent projects is included in this interview in a blog called Artist Think.

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