I am an artist interested in finding visual form for the cacophony of life’s experiences by translating those experiences first into data and then arrangements of line and color. Having lived overseas for 19 years, in both Taiwan and India, my life has been lived in perpetual transit between various places I call home.  My most recent works seek to code my sensory perceptions of the world around me. I assign a color to each repeating element (for instance, the sudden presence of a car, or a bird song) and track the elements in order of appearance. Or I document a journey by allowing the movement of the vehicle in which I am riding to dictate my lines. These drawings and paintings are analytical and documentary in nature, and speak to the quixotic attempt to record, see, sort, and archive sensory experiences in a way that reflects the rhythms and patterns of my life. The practice of documenting, coding, and visually translating has become a way to locate and integrate myself as a foreign element, in motion, between worlds.


1993 MA Art, Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, Arkansas, USA

1985 BA Art, Rhodes College, Memphis, Tennessee, USA


2021-Present Freelance Art Instructor, Retreat Leader, Creativity Coach, Plain, Washington

2014-2021 Art Instructor, Wenatchee School District, Wenatchee, Washington

1998-2013 Art Instructor, American Embassy School, New Delhi, India

1996-1998 Art Instructor, Seattle Hebrew Academy, Seattle, Washington, USA

1988-1992 Art Instructor, Taipei American School, Taipei, Taiwan


2019 Washington State Teacher of the Month, Washington Art Education Association

2018 Micro-published book, traffic patterns, purchased for Baylor University Book Arts Library

2017 Featured in The Good Life publication, Traffic Patterns as Art, Wenatchee, Washington

2014 Artist Trust Grants for Artist Projects to micro-publish limited edition book, traffic patterns

recent exhibitions

2022 CO:LAB, 2 Person Collaborative Exhibit of Paintings and Ceramics, Collapse Contemporary Art Gallery, Wenatchee, Washington

2020 Recent Works: Art 220 Group Exhibit, Collapse Contemporary Art Gallery, Wenatchee, Washington

2019 Grunewald Guild Traveling Group Exhibit,  starting in Leavenworth, Washington

2019 Flashpoint: 220 Group Exhibit, Mela Coffee Roasting Company, Wenatchee, Washington

2018 Artists’ Book Cornucopia IX, Group Exhibit, Abecedarian Gallery, Denver, Colorado

2018 Birdfest Exhibit, Icicle Creek Center for the Arts, Leavenworth, Washington

2018 Field Studies, Solo Exhibit, Mela Coffee Roasting Company, Wenatchee, Washington

2017 Black&White: 220 Group Exhibit, Mela Coffee Roasting Company, Wenatchee, Washington

2017 Jam Sessions with Diana, Group Exhibit, Mela Coffee Roasting Company, Wenatchee, Washington

2017 The Fourth Annual Living Mark Group Exhibit, Verum Ultimum Gallery, Portland Oregon

2016 Repetition: 220 Group Exhibit, Mela Coffee Roasting Company, Wenatchee, Washington

2016 Wanderlust, Group Exhibit of Book Arts, 23 Sandy Gallery, Portland, Oregon

2015 220@Mela, 6 Person Exhibit, Wenatchee, Washington

2014 The Morning Watch, Solo Exhibit, Wenatchee Valley College, Wenatchee, Washington

2014 Accreted Terrane, Group Exhibit, Museum of Northwest Art, La Conner, Washington

2014 220@Mela, 5 Person Exhibit, Wenatchee, Washington

2014 Tieton 10x10x10, Small Works Group Exhibit, Tieton, Washington

2014 Spring Show, Wenatchee Valley College, Wenatchee Washington

2013 Translations, 4 Person Exhibit, Rose Hotel, New Delhi India

2012 Traffic Patterns, Solo Exhibit, The Drawing Room @ Alecca Carrano, New Delhi, India

2012 Framing the Question, 4 Person Exhibit, American Center, American Embassy, New Delhi, India


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